Senin, 12 Mei 2008


you and me like the sun and a sunflower
you can shining my days
lighting my world
glowing my love

and me..
I only can to admire you
enjoying your warm shine
smiling happy seeing you

hope can change to be a cloud beside you
always together in the afternoon
sing a glad song
dance with the wind, butterfly, birds, rainbow..

in your heart
in your eyes
in your face
in your smile

and when the night come
I always hope..
I still be a sunflower here

always can seeing you from far away
hope you want to give your shine and smile everyday
don't turn to be eclipse with the moon

keep make me feel strong
in my weakness
in my longing
in my honest

look at me, my sun!
I'm reaaly admire you
I'm so love you
I'm a sunflower

based on true story;)

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